The various types of tiling and pavements from ceramic tiles and different kinds of natural stones are functional and attractive elements in each modern building. Their laying requires perfect skills and optimal products. The tasks waiting to be solved by the construction specialists and the workers laying the tiling are various and responsible. Long-term perfect results are however possible only when appropriately selected products are used in the works from the start. This guarantees a successful final result – beautiful and solid pavements and tiling. The systems of laying of ceramic covers ТЕRAFLEX® consist of products maximally well selected technically and adapted to each other and offer to the professionals specific system solutions depending on the characteristics of the base, the planned water, heat and mechanical load on the lined surface the kind and the properties of the tiling itself and the manner of use of the cover.


  • Cement- bound adhesive mortars

    Modern adhesives for the laying of different kinds of tiling and lining according to their type, format, loading and the atmospheric conditions they are exposed to.  

  • Cement- bound joint fillers

    High technology water repelling joint filling mixtures with high elasticity and anti-bacterial effect.

  • Sanitary silicones

    Colored fast curing silicones, water resistant, resistant to mould, fungi and microorganisms with excellent adhesion to very smooth surfaces.

  • Waterproofing and sealing products

    These form an elastic seamless hydro-insulating membrane with zero water absorption under the ceramic tiling and pavements.