Since man started constructing buildings, he has tried to protect them from and prevent the intrusion of water. The requirements to the quality of this protection and its functionality have tremendously increased.  The presence of water affects fatally the strength, the durability and the thermal characteristics and the appearance of the construction elements. This is the reason for the discrediting of the finishing covers and tiling both in the interior and the exterior.   The reason for the appearance of moisture could be the ground water causing a climbing of the capillary moisture, the moisture absorbed from external atmospheric effects, moisture, from the processes of condensation of water vapor or the indirect contact with running or pressure water. The waterproofing provides protection against the impact of the water and the moisture and is the main activity in the construction and the repair of buildings. Due to that reason special attention should be paid to the undertaking of measures for waterproofing at the foundations of the buildings, or in the course of preparation of surfaces for the laying of tiling in wet premises, water facilities or balconies and roofs.


  • Waterproofing systems

    Highly technological solutions and systems for the waterproofing under ceramic pavements.

  • Liquid and coated waterproofing

    Universal waterproofing materials with very good adhesion to various surfaces and wide application for waterproofing and protection of many types of building structures.

  • Bituminous waterproofing, membranes and roof-tiles

    The advantage of bitumen waterproofing is the opportunity for their application on variety of construction surfaces, including those with great inclination or complex geometry.