A stable base, on which the application of different types of coatings and linings will be performed, is the prerequisite for the secure application. The priming is an obligatory stage of the process of surface preparation. The different types of primers have one typical use – they strengthen the surface and prevent damages on it. Another important function of the primers is to reduce the used quantity of the following material and to even the absorption of it regardless if the material is paint, plaster, mortar or adhesive. The final result is providing strong connections between the surface and the next layer. 


  • Construction primers

    High technological construction primers which strengthen the surface, impregnate the base and ameliorate the adhesion with the new coating. 

  • Primers before interior painting

    The primers used before painting impregnate the base in depth and strengthen it permanently. They level its absorption capacity and decrease the consumption of the paint.

  • Primers before exterior painting

    Preliminary colored in the nuance of the laid paint, providing a color base which prevents the development of color differences on the painted surface.