PU adhesives, sealants and foams


Professional adhesives, sealants and mounting foams based on polyurethane with a wide scope of use which adhere perfectly to a lot of materials – concrete, tiles, masonry, styrofoam, bitumen, wood, metal and glass surfaces. The products are being used for mounting, sealing and insulating in different areas of the building construction.


  • Polyurethane adhesives

    Adhesives, designed for quick mounting, which solidify from the air humidity. They have excellent bonding to mineral bases (concrete, bricks, masonry, mortars), Styrofoam, bitumen insulation materials, wooden, metal and glass surfaces.

  • Polyurethane sealants

    Professional sealants with very good adhesion to metal, which can be defined as elastic adhesives as well. They are used for treating joints in the construction, carriage building industry, container building, shipbuilding, automotives and others.

  • Polyurethane foams

    Construction polyurethane foams, which excellently bond to various materials, and are used for mounting, sealing and insulation activities simultaneously.