Paints and color solutions


The color schemes of buildings and premises are gaining a still greater significance. The trend is displaced from the monotonous white plastered facades and walls to the color designed surfaces and areas. The dull impact of the buildings and premises from the past now gain a distinguishing and unique character, vitality and individuality.

Interior spaces and external surfaces – there is no such other place where the selected color schemes are so permanently and vastly present in our lives. Our greatest chance to create a permanent positive impulse by a specific color combination and improve the quality of living is just here. The adequate color solution is a well developed bond – between the premises and the user, between the building and the environment, between style, presence and building proportions. 

Join this interesting and dynamic dialogue. With the help of systematic solutions for interior and exterior design and their color planning you will have all the needed instruments at hand – to create sensual, intelligent, bright color concepts for each architectural task in the premises and on the facades.


  • Energy in colors

    It is a highly efficient system for vocational and creative planning of color in its most subtle nuances. Fully oriented to practice, it examines and treats the colors of our environment.

  • Interior solutions

    Live new dimensions of creative freedom: with the products for individual interior design you establish quality of living at the highest aesthetic level.

  • Exterior solutions

    The solutions for the color design of the exterior impart to the unicolor walls and surfaces individuality and character, they emphasize and accentuate the architecture of the building.