Privacy policy

This website (“website”) is owned and managed by  “Marisan & Kolev” JSC. We understand you might have questions regarding the type of personal data we collect and how we process it. We respect your right for personal data privacy, and with the following document, we would like to clarify how do we collect and handle data.

This document refers only to the information collected within this website. The document does not apply to information received and processed by our company by other legitimate means, under different government regulations.

Please note the following: To use our web service you need to carefully read this document and accept the stated rules and requirements regarding data protection practices acquired by “Marisan & Kolev” JSC. In case you do not agree with one or more of the stated rules, please do not continue to use our website.

What kind of personal data we process

To provide proper web service we collect and process your personal data. We need your data to be able to respond to your online inquiries made through the contact form. We collect the following data:



        Additionally, you can leave us your mobile phone.


You are not obliged in any way to serve us your personal information to use the website. In case you refuse to fill your personal data you will not be able to use the web service. does not collect sensitive personal data such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union activities, physical or mental health, sexual life.


To respond to your inquiries, we keep an archive of pseudonymized emails. Pseudonymization is a data management procedure by which personally identifiable information fields within a data record are replaced by one or more artificial identifiers or pseudonyms. Once your email has been pseudonymized, it can no longer be associated with your persona.


To improve the work of our website we use anonymized information about its visitors. Data anonymization is a type of information sanitization whose intent is privacy protection. It is the process of either encrypting or removing personally identifiable information from data sets so that the people whom the data describe remain anonymous.

Anonymous data can include:

        Identification number -  „cookie“;

        Geographic location as a source of traffic;

        Geographic location when used for direct marketing or remarketing.

How do we use your personal data

        For identification of your online inquiries;

        For order processing;

        For newsletter campaigns, if you have opted-in for a newsletter;

        For statistics and analysis. We use anonymous data for this purpose.

Personal data protection methods makes all efforts to safely manage and protect your personal data. We conduct constant monitoring and control of all information and registries.

Your data is stored on a controlled server and physical hardware – hard discs. The access to the servers and physical hardware is strictly regulated. Access to the software and hardware is provided only to employees directly processing the data, and they treat all information as confidential.

Responsibilities of

        To assure reliable technical procedures for data protection;

        To maintain technical possibility to add, amend and erase your personal data upon your request;

        To provide access to your personal data unless technical or other issues beyond our control obstruct us of doing so;

        Not to offer you personal data to third parties for marketing without your clear consent;

        To respond by letter or email to all of your objections and complaints within 14 days;

        To inform you by email for any future changes of our Privacy Policy.

Providing personal data to third parties provides personal data to third parties ( legitimate companies registered either in Bulgaria or another EU country ) only to:

        Fulfil our contract with you for online sale trade and ship your goods to the address you provide us. We can present your data to the following shipping providers: postal service providers, logistics providers under strictly confidential procedures;

        Analyse how our website functions.


Any other third parties, not connected directly to sales trade actions and website usage will not be granted access to your personal data unless the opposite is noted in an enactment or you give us your clear consent. Under  exclusions of this rule fall the following:

        Law enforcing government agencies.

Your rights

        You have right to access all your personal data, stored and processed by “Marisan & Kolev” JSC;

        You have the right to require correction, suppletition, blocking of processing or deletion of your data. You have the right to object at any time to data processing when there are legal reasons;

        You have the right to be informed before you personal data is revealed to third parties or used on their behalf for the purposes of direct marketing or remarketing. You have the right to object to this practice;

        You have the right to refuse data processing for direct marketing or remarketing.

To receive information about the personal data we store for you, collect proof, correct and change them, please contact us.

Cookie policy

Cookies are short text files or small packs of information stored on your device ( computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone ) through your web browser. Cookies are stored once you visit certain websites and pages.

Their main purpose is to make the anonymous user “recognizable” when he returns to the website. Cookies will not harm your device, and they do not store any personal data. To improve our website’s performance we use cookies.

In most browsers ( Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome) cookie collection function is automatically enabled. You need to change your automatic settings to restrict or disable cookie collection.

If you choose not to make any changes, this means you accept default settings, and you agree with cookie activation and usage on your device. Change your settings before initiating another visit to  if you do not accept cookies usage.

Types of cookies used on our website

Session cookies

Session cookies assure a proper website function, such as autofill input field at your second visit. They are not stored on your device and are deleted after you finish your browser session ( e.g. close the website ).

Analytics cookies

These are permanent cookies, which give us an opportunity to identify returning anonymous visitors. By using anonymous, randomly generated identification number the cookie can track specific information such as:

        How did you get to our website;

        Which pages you saw;

        What options you chose;

        How long you stayed at our website.

Tracking and analysis of this information can help us improve our website’s performance and eliminate mistakes.

We use Google Analytics cookies and do not store any personal information in this process.

Advertising cookies

We use so-called advertising cookies, which can be used to:

        Show you highly relevant adverts outside of our website;

        To gather anonymous behavioural data.

How to control cookie usage

All browsers allow cookies management through a special folder located at the settings menu of your browser.You can block or delete cookies, partially restrict them or define cookies preferences. You need to do this before you visit our website – Please have in mind blocking or deleting cookies might disrupt your online experience and cause an error in our website functioning.

How to block or delete cookies

In case you don’t know what is your browser version, first, click on the ‘Help’ menu and then choose ‘About’ to see your current version.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0

Choose the option ‘Tools’ and then select ‘Internet options’. In the window select ‘Privacy’. Check the setting level and choose ‘Medium’ level to block cookies.

Google Chrome

Click the gear icon at the top right ribbon and choose ‘Settings’. Click  ‘Show advanced settings’ at the bottom and select the section ‘Privacy’.

Choose ‘Content settings’ and under the section for cookies select  ‘allow local data to be set’ to allow cookies usage.

To block and delete cookies you need to enable the options  ‘Block sites from setting any data’, ‘Block third-party cookies and site data’  and  ‘Clear cookies and other site and plug-in data when I close my browser’.

Mozilla Firefox

Click on the ‘Tools’ menu at the top of your browser and choose ‘Options’. Then select the icon ‘Privacy’ in the menu. Check the box ‘Accept cookies from sites’ to allow cookie usage. Uncheck it if you like to block cookies.


Click on the gear icon at the top right ribbon and select ‘Preferences’. Click on the icon ‘Privacy’ in the menu. Check the option ‘Block third-party and advertising cookies’ to block cookies. If you prefer to block all cookies check the option ‘Never’.

Block and delete cookies with a browser add-on

Furthermore, you can choose another option to control cookies. You can download the official add-on supported by all browsers by following this link. You can find more detailed information there.

All cookies used on our website are automatically deleted after a certain period. This period may vary up to 2 years depending on the cookies type.

Remarketing and online advertising

What does remarketing mean

Remarketing is a type of online advertising, which allows you to see personalized and highly relevant adverts of products and services outside of our website After you make a visit to our website, an algorithm of a third party software chooses what are your preferences. As a result, you might see advertising content – a banner or simple text, which directly interests you.

Do we need personal information for remarketing

No, we do not need and do not store or process any personal information to use remarketing. Currently, we do not use remarketing practices.

Contact with regarding GDPR issues

You can contact us to:

        Check and confirm the accuracy of your personal data;

        To require deletion of personal data – “The right to be forgotten”;

        To require a copy of your personal data in an acceptable format;

        To require temporary blocking of data processing;

        To file an objection to our methods;

        To require information about the methods your data is being collected, stored and processed.

How to contact

Contact us by using:

        Our online contact form;


Privacy policy