The overall structure and organization of a company is crucial to its success and attainment of long-term goals. We, in MARISAN, realize the importance of personal-based approach in a company. Therefore, we are striving to create a work environment that predispose everyone for a fulfilment of potential and personal qualities.

In corporate structure and overall organization of MARISAN is intertwined the principles of equality and freedom of action. We strive every one of our employees to feel the rest as family. Equal standing predisposes our personnel to express their ideas and aspirations. The positions are only formality – every one can manifest his/her oppinion, feel significant in what he/she is doing. The close relationship and friendly environment that we aim to integrate into our corporate culture entail greate number of advantages.

We, MARISAN, are not afraid to express ourselfs, to share and help. We believe that in this way we manage to build far more strong and long-lasting relationship between every one in out team. In that way, personal goals are becoming mutual and mutual ones - personal. Our corporate policy is a consequanece of the interacion within the company. The vision of everyone is considered, discused and applied. We believe that success is due to human factor and its value. For this reason, MARISAN has a strong team, not individual personalities.

For an organization to be successful, every little part of it has to feel comfortable, give his/her maximum effort and continually strive to new heights. This would not be possible without providing a confortable environment and predisposing atmosphere. The organization must be whole. Therefore, everyone in MARISAN beleive in one philosophy and one desired goal - JEWELERS IN CONSTRUCTION!