Constructions and technical mortars


During every renovation, some quick repairs of universal character are often needed: filling up and leveling uneven areas, repairs of cracks and/or small areas of missing mortar and plaster layers of walls, floors, ceilings etc. The universal construction mortars find their scope of use in repair activities of all types, in households, offices and stores.

The technical additives play a significant role in dry construction. They allow the modification of the construction mortars and mixtures and add up many additional properties to them. The various additives protect the mortars from quick drying and over-drying, reduce the process of carbonization, lower the freezing temperature of the liquid phase of the mortars and of the water they have been mixed with, maintain a positive temperature of the mixture during the process of its drying, accelerates its hydration, increase power and others.



    Liquid construction additive against freezing of concrete and all types of cement and lime-cement based mixtures, which allows working at low temperatures up to -10°С


    Dry construction additive against freezing of concrete and dry construction cement-based mixtures, which allows working at low temperatures up to -4° C