Info zone

This section offers its customers useful information, facilitating the planning of the different working processes. The topics featured in it clearly and fully on understandable language describe what you need to know about the products, the related to them technical terms and the physic-chemical processes that take place when working with them.

The materials, marked with the logo MARISAN ACADEMY, represent purely practical tips on how to manage and resolve a number of frequently encountered problems and the concrete steps needed to be taken in this direction – which product to choose, how to work with it, what working operations we should expect and for what to pay attention.

Useful advices and information regarding the physics of thermal insulation and installation of thermal insulation.

Thermal insulation

How to apply facade plasters? Does the color of the plaster matter? What other finishing coatings there are?

Facade plasters

What do we need to know about waterproofing? With what to waterproof? How to waterpoof correctly?


With what adhesive to bond the tiles? On that base can we bond tiles? What is the function of the joints between the tiles?

Ceramic floorings and coatings

What do the architectural and decorative elements from EPS represent? How to install them correctly? What are the dangers at this process?

Architectural details

What are the properties of bitumen? What type of bitumunous products there are? How should bituminous and waterpoofing coatings be applied?

Bituminous insulations

The mold is one of the toughest possible problems for a structure or premises. How it occurs? How it damages the health?

Fighting mold