Facade systems

The facade features a building. Its styling is an art that using shapes, color and structure gives the building its own character. It is the symbol of personal style. The influence of the surface is determined mainly by its color and structure. They give the facade a face and emanation of the building and thus accordingly they change our perspective.

TERMOFLEX® facade systems give monotone walls and surfaces personality and character. Moreover, a crucial role plays the right composition - optimized one to another colors, shades, paints and plasters. They provide almost unlimited opportunities for architectural expression. However, facade coatings have not only an optical function.

Much like human skin - the facade assumes various functions. Its task is also to protect the building against harmful external influences and development of microorganisms and to ensure long life of the building. They should provide a favorable indoor climate and prevent the formation of damp places.

TERMOFLEX® facade systems and their diverse color solutions bring beauty and color on and within your home and that of your customers - making the walls of the buildings into smiley faces.



  • Energy in colors

    It is a highly efficient system for vocational and creative planning of color in its most subtle nuances. Fully oriented to practice, it examines and treats the colors of our environment.

  • Facade plasters

    A wide range of facade coatings offer vast opportunities for individual style facades and walls in color and structure.

  • Facade paints

    Ready for application colored decorative and protective paints with high resistance to weathering, UV rays, temperature changes, industrial gases and others.

  • Primers and priming paints

    Pre-painted in the color of the laid plaster or paint, thus creating a colored background, which prevents color differences in the facade

  • Decorative facade design and coating

    Implementation of facades with various finishes and coatings.

  • Architectual elements and profiles from EPS

    Decorative facade profiles and elements manufactured from EPS with high density and protective polymeric cement-based covering