Energy in colors

It is a highly efficient system for vocational and creative planning of color in its most subtle nuances. Fully oriented to practice, it examines and treats the colors of our environment.

Planning color within a system

Color is a multi-faceted phenomenon. It is expected from a system of color planning to submit the world to the colors - with their structure and richness of nuances and make them useful to the user. ENERGY IN COLORS is a system entirely oriented towards practice and is examining and treating the colors of our environment. It is a highly effective tool for safe, professional and creative planning of color in its most subtle nuances.


In what surrounding of colors do we want to live?

To answer this question is a task of particular importance to all those interacting with the built-up surrounding. Nowhere else colors we like are present in our lives thus greatly and permanently as in interior spaces and exterior surfaces. Right here is the grate chance of perfect color combinations to launch a lasting positive momentum and move quality of life to the better.

Culture, related to construction is also a culture of the colors. Adequate color solutions constitute a well-settled relationship - between the room and the inhabitant inside; between the building and the environment; between style, presence and proportions of the building.

Join this exciting and dynamic dialogue. With the color planning system ENERGY IN COLORS you have all the necessary tools at hand to create a sensual, intelligent and cheerful color concepts for each architectural task indoor and on the buildings' facades.

ENERGY IN COLORS offers a vast choice of colors, high stability and great practical benefit to all designers, architects and investors during the phases of planning and implementation.


Eyeing practice

The ENERGY IN COLORS system includes a range of 2080 colors that are carefully selected and adapted to practice.

Hues and nuances of limited use were carefully removed from the system. Major hues, such as blue, yellow or orange, as well as gray, white and pastels formed within the ENERGY IN COLORS their own color families, not previously available in such a volume.


Color stability

Availability of colors in the ENERGY IN COLORS was basically aligned to colorimetry norms, however they have had to be modified according to human color perception. Thus, the color scale was balanced in all spectral zones that is easing and making the choice and styling of colors more secure.


Color stability over time

For coloring of all products in the ENERGY IN COLORS palette are used inorganic pigments of a distinguished quality that ensures high stability and durability of colors, resistance to UV-radiation and weathering.




    ENERGY IN COLORS rests on the color wheel of 32 pure colors, covering the entire color spectrum.


    Colour chart from ENERGY IN COLORS can be directly integrated and used by most of the current software programs  


    The colour libraries form ENERGY IN COLORS are available not only in a digital form but in a practically convenient colour charts.