MARISAN is a modern Bulgarian company and we are proud to have prosperous and long lasting experience in producing and offering a wide range of system solutions and materials for the construction business. During the time of its operation and growth, the company has proved itself not only as one of the market leaders, but also as an accurate and trustworthy supplier, which offers all its partners and professionals in the field integrated complex solutions in various construction areas.

The company was established in 1998 bringing together the experience and ideas of its founders – knowledge of the needs of the Bulgarian construction materials market and experience of the Western European market along with its tendencies and know-how in the field of construction and related products. The idea which unites everyone from MARISAN and turned into company philosophy is the manufacturing of such products to provide for construction, preservation of natural resources and guarantee functional and comfortable living and working conditions. The desire for activity optimization of those working in the field: investors, construction entrepreneurs and construction workers is not of less importance as well.

Through the years this philosophy elaborates and gains new aspects and commitments – the ambition of MARISAN to facilitate the successful resolving of the problem with life preservation of old buildings and quality building of new ones. For that purpose the company constantly performs research and development for producing and offering on the market systems, products and services, which would preserve, improve and protect in long-term the different parts and construction elements of the buildings (facades, walls, roofs, floors, linings and others) against damages. Along with those functional tasks there is also the aesthetic shaping of the buildings with color and structure.

In short, the goal that we from MARISAN have set before ourselves is to be an innovator in modeling an environmentally friendly and functional living space and this is exactly what motivates our co-operation with clients and partners who share the same priorities and goals. The entire company policy, so as the high requirements that are being claimed at us, are included in our motto: Jewelers in construction!